We are on a mission to create

300 Rent by the Room millionaires!

Attention: For Real Estate Investors Looking For More Cashflow & Acquiring New Properties

How I Used "Rent By The Room" Strategy To Build

A Portfolio Of 40 Properties & $100k/m In Passive Cashflow

In Just 12 Years!

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Join me in this 6-month challenge where I'll show you how to properly set up, run, automate, and maintain a fully functioning rent by the room business

***Only 30 people will be chosen for this program based on their application***

What if I told you that...

You could easily secure financing and acquire 10 properties, all providing monthly passive cash flow?

Ever thought about owning a property empire? Hi there, I'm Shawn, and I've been there, done that, using a strategy called "Rent By The Room". This strategy helps me pull in a solid cash flow from my properties, and guess what? It's the golden ticket that keeps adding more properties to my portfolio.

And I want to let you in on this secret. I'm opening an exclusive 30-member mentorship program designed just for you, where I teach you how to do exactly what I've done. You'll master advanced property acquisition strategies, and I'll guide you on how to seize the best financing opportunities in our ever-evolving industry.

Just picture it: $10,000 a month in cash flow. A sturdy corporate structure. No vacancies. A well-oiled machine that you can manage in your spare time, all the while experiencing growth that outpaces your wildest dreams.

Welcome to your very own automated rent by the room business, an enterprise that'll buy you 2 to 3 properties each year for years to come. And here's the best part: you could own 10 properties in less than 5 years, and have all of them paid off in 10 years or less.

Ready to step into the real estate big leagues? Join me and let's turn those property dreams into reality.

***Only 30 people will be chosen for this program based on their application***

A Quick Glimpse Of What You'll Get Inside This Exclusive Mentorship Of 30 Real Estate Investors

First, you'll learn how to properly setup your company structure so that you're financially secure & have peace of mind

Then I'll Teach You How To Uniquely Position Yourself To Take Advantage Of New Financing Opportunities

Advanced Acquisition Strategies That'll Allow You To Acquire 2-3 New Properties Every Single Year & Earn Steady Passive Income

Secret Marketing Strategy For 100% Occupancy: How To Market For Tenants So You Never Have Any Vacancies

How To Automate Your Whole Business So You Can Manage It In Your Spare Time: Setting Up Management Software/Hiring People

You'll Learn How To Own At Least 10 Properties In 5 Years & Have Them Paid Off In Less Than 10 Years

***Only 30 people will be chosen for this program based on their application***

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